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Il gruppo di hacker Fancy Bear rivela altri 2 nomi di tenniste che avrebbero fatto uso diTennis – Lo scandalo doping continua: anche Petra Kvitova nella bufera! [FOTO] sostanze proibite: Petra Kvitova e Bethanie Mattek Sands Fancy Bear , il gruppo di hacker che ha attaccato il sito della WADA ha rivelato altri 2 nomi di tenniste famose che avrebbero fatto uso di sostanze dopanti. Le due ragazze in questione sono la due volte campionessa di Wimbledon Petra Kvitova . La tennista ceca ha assunto 1.2 gr. di Formoterol (medicina vietata durante le competizioni) due volte al giorno nell’ottobre 2009, a causa di alcuni problemi di salute. Nello stesso periodo la Kvitova ha raggiunto la finale del torneo di Linz. Greetings. We are #FancyBears ‘ hack team. We go on exposing #doping athletes https://t.co/9bqTXUwpoY pic.twitter.com/hEjqhoLcVA — Fancy Bears’ HT (@FancyBears) 14 settembre 2016 L’articolo Tennis – Lo scandalo doping continua: anche Petra Kvitova nella bufera! [FOTO] sembra essere il primo su SPORTFAIR .


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Sei anni di Ale Cattelan!

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Ballerino formidabile, intrattenitore incontenibile, spalla dei concorrenti (e dei loro genitori!), conduttore impeccabile: tutto questo è Alessandro! X Factor non potrebbe contare su un professionista migliore e noi siamo felicissimi di averlo di nuovo con noi per il sesto anno di seguito. Cliccate play al video qui sotto e godetevi insieme a noi questo best …


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Anziana aggredita e rapinata nell’ascensore, arrestato 30enne

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L’ha seguita sino all’ascensore, poi l’ha spintonata, l'ha fatta cadere in terra e rapinata della collana d’oro che portava al collo. A subire l’aggressione una signora di 75 anni, presa di…

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FSN Sport Science – Ep3 – Reaction Time – Ben Roethlisberger

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FSN Sport Science – Ep3 – Reaction Time – Ben Roethlisberger Fonte: youtube.com

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USB Embedded Hosts: The Developer’s Guide

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A guide for designin gand programmin gsmall, embedded systems that access USB devices, this book includes topics such as how embedded USB hosts differ from USB hosts in PCs, choosin ga hardware and programmin gplatform for a project, understandin gUSB host programmin gin embedded Linux systems, how host applications can access USB devices of all types, and designin ga system that can communicate with both USB hosts and USB devices.

Example code explains how to read and write to files on drives, get user input from keyboards, communicate over virtual serial ports and Ethernet bridges, record and play audio and video, print documents, use a USB display monitor, and access vendor-defined devices of any type.

The example code runs on embedded Linux systems, includin gthe popular BeagleBoard-xM open development board.

This book is a companion to USB Complete.

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Quadro su tela handpainted look 160 x 70 cm 4 tele modello nr XXL 6513. I quadri sono montati su telai di vero…

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HP 250 G3 Notebook CE847A#B19, Pentium Dual-Core, 2.16 GHz, n2830, 64 Bit, 4 GB RAM, 1 Banco RAM Libero, DDR 3…

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EasyAcc ® Mini caricatore dell’automobile caricabatterie da auto , 2 x USB Uscite : 5V/2A e 5V/1A per i telefoni…

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Learn the Real Mechanics behind Search Engine Optimization

So much has changed with Search Engine Optimization and the SEO industry as a whole.

If you’re just comin ginto the Search Engine Optimization field it’s important to note that if you’re lookin gfor a guide to learn the real methods & techniques for rankin gtoday, it had better be a recent guide.

Why is that?

The industry has changed and evolved so much because of the recent changes that Google has introduced into its algorithms.

These changes have drastically affected rankings and how Google scores listings on its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here is what’s happened.



Google Panda

Google released the Google Panda in February of 2011, and has sent out dozens of these modified “Panda Attacks” to kill off listings that have offered low quality content that did not abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

This created a dramatic shift in SERPs.

Google Penguin

In April of 2012 the search engine giant released the Google Penguin which set out to punish sites that tried to implement more evasive techniques for tryin gto quickly rank their Websites on SERPs.

These are techniques that Webmasters and SEO specialists were usin gfor years that can now backfire and not only see you drop in rankings, but worse, even see you face possible de-indexing.

These algorithm changes shifted the entire SEO landscape.



It’s important that you understand what methods will work today and what won’t and The SEO Black Book offers you an intuitive approach to rankin gwith SEO.

Not gimmicks or tricks.


The book weaves together all of the complex components required to successfully SEO a site while also providin gyou with real industry secrets & tips that you can implement to rank higher then your competition.

The practical methods, tools, and techniques covered in The SEO Black Book stem from over a decade of my knowledge involvin gresearch and work in the field of search engine optimization.

Don’t fall victim to the industry pitfalls.

Without the right knowledge, information and tools you will be riskin ga slow and painful climb up the SEO ladder.

The SEO Black Book teaches you what it takes to successfully rank your site today.

This book is part of a four-part series called The SEO Series, which features the followin gbooks:

  • The SEO Black Book – A Guide to the Industry’s Secrets
  • SEO Simplified – Learn Search Engine Optimization Strategies and Principles for Beginners
  • SEO White Book – The Organic Guide to Google Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO for Bloggers – Learn How to Rank your Blo gPosts at the Top of Google’s Search Results

After you buy this SEO Book, you’ll realize the invaluable nature of the information contained within its pages.

Scroll up and hit the buy now button right now.



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